Why Travel With Us?

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With all the online options available to travelers, you may wonder, "Why use a Travel Agent?"

Here are a few reasons why using a Travel Agent may be your best option:

Personal Service
We will get to know you and will create a trip customized for your own unique tastes and preferences. We will select the best products and provide our professional guidance along the way.  

With over 20 years of expertise in various forms of travel, we know what to expect and we can personalize a vacation with your needs in mind. 

Save Time
Our team is a one-stop shop for every aspect of your travel needs. We will assist you with all components of the trip in one place and give you pricing that is clear and concise, saving you countless hours of online research.  You will receive personalized attention from one agent throughout the process who's interested in helping you take the best trip ever!

There are many components of a trip.  For example, if you're taking a cruise, do you need a flight to the departure port?  Do you need a pre-cruise or post-cruise hotel stay?  What about transportation to port? Finding each component for your trip, matching up timing and making it as cost efficient as possible can take hours.  We can do it for you!

Knowledge and Connections
Our relationships with our supplier partners allow for the best value, amenities and direct assistance. We know who to trust and which products to offer. We also know when an offer is too good to be true.  We can use those relationships to give you a custom vacation in a world of cookie cutter trips.

We can also offer you travel insurance to protect your investment.  Despite the best laid plans, life is unpredictable and at times, plans need to change.  Travel insurance means you don't end up without a vacation or your hard earned money.

Destinations Expertise
By booking with us, we will give you direct access to a member of our team as your personal travel consultant. That consultant will give you tips about your destinations that only a travel expert who’s experienced these places could give.  Your consultant will be available for any questions or concerns you have...there are no dumb questions!

We will be sure to know what you want to experience on your vacation, including any special needs you have, to ensure you have the vacation of your dreams.  Once you return, your consultant will follow up with you to make sure you had a great time!

We Are Your Advocate
Your travel consultant will monitor your bookings for any schedule changes and be there to assist if an issue should arise. We can call airlines, check with hotels and cruise companies for you, so you're not spending your precious vacation time on the phone! 

We will also ensure that you have everything you need, including all documentation and things that are sometimes overlooked, like adapters for your electrical devices, medications, remembering to board your pet, etc.  

In Short:

Although you can book through online booking engines, big box store travel deals and by other means, when you book with us, you get a customized experience with personalized attention.  You get someone you can call day or night when you're on your trip and you need help.  

We hope to hear from you soon!



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