About Us

My name is Lonnie and travel is my passion.  WHY? 

Because there's nothing like going to new places and meeting all the wonderful people in those places!  I love the stories that go with those meetings, the friendships that develop and the memories that I get to keep.

I love the experiences that I get to have when I travel.  Some of the highlights of my travels are:

  • My first sight of the Pacific Islands, like Bora Bora.
  • Standing at the foot of the Swiss Alps, in the rain, looking up, just the sheer awe of it all.
  • Flying over the mountains of Chile’.
  • Standing on the cliffs in Peru.

As I think about all the places I’ve been, those are the kinds of memories that stand out to me.  These are the kinds of memories I want for my clients.


I went on my first cruise in 1996 and from then, I was hooked!  In my over 20 years of cruising experience, I have boarded 86 cruise ships and counting.  I have been in over 20 countries.

For a time I worked for Carnival Cruise Line, and so I know the ins and outs of the cruise ships, what to expect and what to be prepared for.  This knowledge is invaluable to my clients.

I've been North to Alaska, South to the tip of Argentina, West to Tahiti and East to Italy.  Other than cruising, traveling to Europe is something that I'm very passionate about.  I love sharing that excitement and passion with others, like when I took my son in 2015. 

Sharing the love of travel with another person and seeing their face light up at their first sight of something like the Eiffel Tower or hearing their stories about the art at the Louvre Museum makes it all worthwhile.  

I can't even count how many flights I have taken, for business and pleasure and I am extremely familiar with regulations, the value of applying for TSA Pre-check (Trust me on this one!) and so many other important details air travel entails.  I will make sure you have all you need to fly successfully! 

What I Can Do For You:

With my extensive travel experience, I can help you plan and take a vacation that you'll be talking about for years!  I can help you cater your experience so that you enjoy a unique travel experience, not a cookie-cutter type of trip.  

My love of travel is contagious and once you see what the world has to offer, you will keep longing to go back and visit other new sights and sounds and people!

I would be honored to help you make memories like the ones I have!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions and let's get to planning!

Lonnie Spears, Your Travel Specialist





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