Here’s Your Moment of Zen: Literally Just 10 Stunning Grecian Sunsets

  • Here’s Your Moment of Zen: Literally Just 10 Stunning Grecian Sunsets

    Give your brain a gentle massage with these dreamy Grecian sunsets.

    Every day we get a few stunning minutes to savor the explosive magentas, pinks, and purples of a sunset. And while gorgeous sunsets can be found all over the world, nobody does them quite like Greece. From the iconic blue domes of Paros and Santorini to the towering castle walls of Old Town, Rhodes, majestic glimmers of cotton-candy sky can be found all over the islands. Daydreaming yet? Plot your next escape (or just savor a few minutes of sunset-porn) with these ten Greecian sunsets.

  • Apokofto Beach

    WHERE: Sifnos

    A flower follows the sun as it sinks beneath the waters facing Apokofto Beach. For this exact view, book a room and take a sunset in from the infinity pool at the Paradise Place Hotel, on Sifnos’ southernmost coast.

  • Adrianou Street

    WHERE: Athens

    Adrianou Street is one of the oldest, still-in-use commercial streets in the world. Named after the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the road is located in the Plaka neighborhood of Athens and is divided into two sections. The upper is famed for shopping. The lower portion, called Kato Plaka, is prime at sunset. Find a seat at one of a dozen, tiny, rustic tavernas, request a glass of cold ouzo and a plate of grilled octopus.

  • Chrissopigi Monastery

    WHERE: Sifnos

    On the little, Cycladic island of Sifnos, Greece, sunset moments are best sought by motorcycle. The days’ end turns azure skies and water deep purple; a dramatic backdrop for the 16th -century, Chrissopigi Monastery.

  • Minos Roof Garden

    WHERE: Rhodes

    There is no amber light more transporting than that of a clear-sky sunset over the stone walls and palm trees of Old Town in Rhodes.

  • Agios Konstantinos Church

    WHERE: Milos

    The sun bathes the little Agios Konstantinos church in molten hues, as it sinks over the quiet Aegean waters on the northern coast of Milos island.

  • Naoussa

    WHERE: Paros

    Santorini gets all the Instagram love, but Paros is picture-perfect. In summer, the sun doesn’t set on the bustling tourist town of Naoussa until 9 pm. Oh…but when it does…


  • Athens

    Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a perfect Greek sunset. Bastet was the Greek goddess of cats, and it’s estimated that more than 1 million of them still live in Athens alone.


  • Anargyroi Beach

    WHERE: Paros

    An olive tree and a fishing boat are backlit by day’s end, on Anargyroi Beach, in Paros, Greece.

  • Rhodes

    From the Eastern Bazaar to the seven medieval gates, the Old Town section of Rhodes is often a flurry of tourist activity. Get off the beaten paths, to her smaller outskirts and tiny cobblestone laneways, and you’ll find a different city––and a few of her mere 6,000 permanent residents.

  • Alogomandra Beach

    WHERE: Milos

    Alogomandra beach features sugar-white sand and gentle waves. It catches the last of the day’s light, in a protected cove on the northern side of the Cycladic island of Milos.

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